While email marketing can be a very effective tool, it can also be frustrating when you see your engagement rates dropping or standing still. The main reason behind low engagement rates is that you aren’t giving your customers what they want to see in your emails. Here are some areas where this can happen.

1. Content

Your readers subscribed to your emails for a reason, whether it’s because they wanted to hear about deals and new products, get updates about the company, or read your helpful and interesting content. If you aren’t giving your customers the content they signed up for, they’re going to quickly lose interest in your emails. Do your research to understand what they want to see from you, and then work to deliver that. This may require a little trial and error, but it will be worth it.

2. Personalization

Some of your subscribers are going to want different content than others. For example, they want to know when the product they’ve been looking at goes on sale or when the classes they’re interested in are going to be offered. Set up your email marketing system to cater to this as much as possible. To do this, you can start by asking them what types of emails they want to receive, and then if you’re able to, you can move on to automating the process. If someone spends a significant amount of time on one of your articles, for instance, setting up your system so that it sends them suggestions for similar articles is a good strategy.

3. Timing

People typically aren’t engaged with their personal email inboxes all day. If you send them an email during a time when they’re rarely checking it, chances are it’ll get buried in the mix with 25 others, and your message will get lost in the mix or worse, deleted without even being opened. To avoid this, study what times typically have the best engagement rates and send your emails then. You can also learn how much time you should allow between messages and between your readers’ sessions on your website and your relevant followup emails.

No matter how many subscribers you have, remember that email marketing, if done right, can be a highly personable method of communication. If you take the time to research your audience and understand what they want from you, you will stand a much better chance of increasing the effectiveness of your efforts.