Video marketing has been the most powerful advertising method since televisions became commonplace items in households across the U.S. With the rise of digital channels and social media platforms, however, it has become so dominant that businesses in very few industries can market themselves successfully without it. For novice marketers or those who have specialized in other mediums, video can seem intimidating at first. Here are five steps to help you craft and execute an effective (and hopefully, profitable) campaign.

Identify Your Goals

Start by asking “What am I using my video marketing campaign for?” Perhaps you want to generate more traffic to your brick-and-mortar retail store. Maybe you are selling directly online, and you want to see a 5% increase in revenue. Or you could be a business that sells ad space on their website and wants to generate traffic to present to clients. Whatever the case, it’s crucial to identify what your company’s specific goal is, and attach a measurable, but attainable metric to it.

Identify Your Audience

Once you’ve set your goal, spend some time thinking demographically about who is likely to help you reach it through video marketing. Let’s say you’re selling upscale purses. You’ll need to think about both what audience will buy them, and where to reach them with video ads. This is a product that would tend to skew female, and maybe slightly older due to the quality and price. You would therefore want to think about television programs that appeal to middle-aged women, as well as social media platforms and apps that appeal to this demo.

Identify Your Competitor’s Strategies

With any form of advertising, especially video marketing, the worst thing you can do is blend in with your competition. The first step in avoiding this is being aware of what they are doing. Once you’ve educated yourself about your competitor’s approach, you can move on to the next step.

Identify Your Unique Value Proposition

That next step is determining what you can do to distinguish yourself from the competition. Differentiating yourself with a unique value proposition (UVP) is the heart of all marketing. What sets you apart? A product feature? Lower price? Higher quality? Whatever that is, make it the central theme you hammer in all your advertising.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you move on to the next level: making a media plan and placing your videos accordingly. It’s as simple as asking and answering the right questions!