Attracting and building up leads is critical to the success of your business. It needs to be an intentional, ongoing process. The numbers themselves are less important than the quality of a lead; that is, the likelihood of your lead becoming a customer. Keep these factors in mind as you focus on lead generation.


It’s important at the outset to determine why a person/organization should become a lead. Lead qualification is the systematic process you go through to evaluate ability and readiness to buy your product or service. Getting into the mindset of your ideal customer and figuring out why they would want to become your lead is key. If you’re making a free offer in exchange for information, the more specific your form, the better. This will give you a laser-like focus on the types of people who are most likely to be receptive to your marketing efforts.

Lead Scoring

Find a lead scoring method that works, and use it. It involves assigning values or “points” to each lead you generate, based on several key attributes. Demographic information, online behavior, social engagement, company information, and email engagement are examples of attributes to consider. Considering reaching out to a lead? It’s a good idea to focus your efforts on those with a lead score of 80 or above.


Within your marketing niche, your goal should be twofold: to create content that is relevant to compelling (and/or trending topics), and to stand out from the crowd. Target potential customers based on the blog categories they’re visiting, and send them to specific exit popups or content upgrades. This is a strategy that tends to increase conversion rates significantly. Be sure to categorize blog posts in advance to segment your audience more easily.

Case Studies

Highlighting case studies and testimonials will help your audience to self-select like nothing else will. It may reduce your overall number of leads, but the leads themselves will be much more highly qualified. Design your website to draw your visitors to case studies. They’ll see the types of clients you serve, results, and endorsements. Then, you can create specific content for your lead magnet that will gradually and effectively familiarize them with your work and how you can solve their most pressing problems.

The lead attraction is both a science and an art. Try these tips to increase the number and quality of your leads.